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MartzCoopération B2B

martz Ltd. along with the dynamic development of the company is looking for entrepreneurs who would like to become part of our dealer network.
Looking for a business idea?
Do you want to offer a wide range of products?
Are you interested in only the highest quality products?
Do you own a yard in a good location?

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  • Quick processing of orders
    An online B2B system makes it easy and fast to order trailers manufactured in our 2 factories employing more than 500 people.
  • Safe delivery to your yard
    We deliver trailers with our own fleet of dedicated trucks or in cooperation with transportation companies you can rely on.
  • Convenient terms of cooperation
    In our daily transactions, we follow clear principles by offering favorable and stable business terms.
  • Cooperation with a strong brand
    We have been in the market for 11 years and our trailers are among the most popular products among end customers.
  • Marketing support
    You can count on us to assist you in every aspect of extensive marketing from the website through the display of trailers in your yard.
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